Friday’s YouTube Grab-Bag – April 10th

Click away, my friends!

First Roller Coaster Ride – Ria is 78 years old and in order to prepare for her first time on an airplane, she decided to try riding a roller coaster for the first time.  This is a helpful reminder how fun life really is.

Priest’s Surprising Serenade – Chris and Leah O’Kane knew their wedding would be full of surprises, but this one wasn’t one they had thought of.  Their priest gives a homily…in song form…to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”  If you’re going to cover the song, this is how it’s done.

SNL Timelapse – Saturday Night Live has gone through it’s ups and downs, but when you think about it, the impact they have had on our current culture today cannot be underestimated.  Conan O’Brien wrote for the show and has is own late night show along with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, both SNL alums.  What’s equally crazy is the work that goes into each live performance each week.  This 2 minute timelapse will give you an idea.

Everything is a Remix – Kirby Ferguson gives a TED talk about the nature of creativity, property, and patenting.  It’s just a snippit of his grassroots project.  You can see all of his videos here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or check out his website

David Platt on Heaven is For Real – If you plan on going to see the movie or reading the book (or have done one of those things already), please take 5 minutes and watch this very clear presentation of the truth from David Platt.

Friday’s Internet Grab-Bag – March 28th

The Office Time Machine – If you are a fan of NBC’s The Office in any capacity, you have just struck the motherload.  Joe Sabia took far too much time to find every pop culture reference in the show and divided them by year and they are here for your viewing pleasure.  It’s interesting to note how much our idea of humor is dictated by cultural references.

Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five – Don’t understand the hullabaloo about bitcoins?  Don’t know what a bitcoin is?  Don’t understand what I’m even talking about?  This should help clear up some of the confusion and allow you to have conversations with intelligent people while seeming intelligent yourself

Hobby Lobby Case – The Supreme Court is divided over the Hobby Lobby case regarding the contraceptive clause in the new Healthcare Mandate.  But their division, however, seems to with respect to gender.

False Teacher’s Series – Tim Challies continues his series on false teachers including the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses Charles Taze Russell, founder of Seventh Day Adventism Ellen G. White, and one of the most vocal theological liberals Harry Fosdick.  Keep your eyes open for more in this series!

Whirled Vision – After the whole World Vision nonsense, Doug Wilson examines the organization’s repentance, our forgiveness, and subsequent trust.

Noah: Watch Before You Speak – Over at West Virginia for the Gospel you can read my take on Darren Aronofsky’s Noah epic set to premiere today.

Wednesday’s Internet Grab-Bag – March 12th

8 Facts that Will Change Your Concept of Time – I may be a little late to the game on this one, but these facts from the Huffington Post reveal how short our history really is despite what we think at times.

7 Brands that are Struggling – Several big name companies on here reveal the changing tapestry of American corporations.  Some may be declaring bankruptcy and closing their doors fairly soon.

Crimean/Ukrainian War – Christianity Today has put out a helpful article that looks at the tumultuous Christian history of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, and Europe.  John Green also has a quick, helpful video.

Various Kinds of Tongues – The Cripplegate continues it’s fantastic series on comparing modern tongues with Biblical tongues and looking at the idea of “human languages.”

A Swedish Pentecostal Megachurch Pastor Converts to Catholicism – Ulf Ekman has served in the prosperity/Word of Faith leaning movement he started for 30 years.  On Sunday, March 9th, he confessed to his congregation that he was contributing to the “ongoing Protestant fragmentation of Christendom” and resigned from the pulpit.

Noah’s Application for Christians – A follow-up by Jerry Johnson after he gave his 5 positives and negatives of the new Noah movie that is set to release this month.  A great practical guide for both Christians and churches.

False Teacher’s Series – Tim Challies, a great pastor/blogger from Canada, began a series a while back on various false teachers.  He goes in-depth for each while still maintaining easy readership.  This series comes highly recommended.  So far, you can check out ones on Arius, Pelagius, Muhammad, and Joseph Smith.  With more to come, this looks to be a great one.

Minimalist Bible Poster – These are SWEET! Presbyterian pastor/graphic designer Joseph Novak created these posters for all 66 books of the Bible.  Each picture relies on themes presented in each book.  Some are pretty easy to get, while others may take some thinking.  All of them are available for purchase!