Gluten, Godliness, and the Gospel

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Wednesday’s Internet Grab-Bag – February 26th

Andy’s Mom – If you are a fan of wildly popular Pixar Theory or even just a fan of the Toy Story franchise, you need to take a minute read this article.  It will give you a great appreciation for good story writing and an even greater appreciation for those who pay attention enough to catch it!

To Bake or Not to Bake – With all the haggling over religious liberties, civil rights, and cake baking, few voices rise above the fray.  Check out this (actual) Christian perspective offered by Andrew Walker at Canon & Culture.

Are Tongues Languages? Part 2 – The guys over at the Cripplegate have continued their series started last week on whether Biblical tongues are actual languages and whether modern manifestations of tongues should be as well.

Why Christians Make Great Libertarians – This is part 2 of a three part series.  Read parts 1 and 3 here and here

“Lord Acton was not quite right when he warned that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rather, absolute power attracts the absolutely corrupt. Christians not only believe that human beings cannot be trusted with power, but that those who accept power should be especially suspect.”

Whole Food Pseudoscience – A fascinating article over at the Daily Beast about the incomplete and, at times, faulty science behind whole and organic foods.

A Place to Belong – I was recently asked to be a regular contributor over at West Virginia for the Gospel (WV4G).  I am so incredibly honored to be writing alongside these great Christian brothers.  This is my first article.  Check it out and be sure to like us on Facebook!