The Simple Gospel

“The whole drift of our modern scientific development is away from our clinking mechanical complexities and back toward the great primal simplicities.  We have been too fond of the drastic and dramatic course… We are too apt to involve ourselves in a big move… We love the things that are burdensome, the ways that are involved, the paths that lead to headache and heartache.  It is a very ancient and very human tendency.  Paul wrote the Epistle to the Galatians to reprove them in the same blunder.  ‘O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?’  They had abandoned the simplicities under the lure of complexities.  The Church that was urged by her Lord to return to her first love had made the same mistake.  We are too prone to scorn the simple and obvious.  We forsake the fountain of living water, and hew out to ourselves clumsy cisterns.  We neglect the majestic simplicities of the gospel, and involve our tired brains and hungry hearts in torturous systems that lead us a long, long way from home… The simplest course is almost always the safest.”

– Frank Boreham, Mushrooms on the Moor


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