Wednesday’s Internet Grab Bag – February 19th

Reach in and see what you find!  Enjoy!

Luther the Brewer – 468 years ago yesterday Martin Luther was, as a friend of mine put it, promoted to glory.  On the anniversary of his death, Relevant Magazine posted these 8 things you may not have known about “The Great Reformer”

Are Tongues Real Languages? – The guys over at The Cripplegate are taking this topic head on.  This interesting post raises a lot of questions and will be followed up by a few more as they address specific arguments in Sam Storms’ book, The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts.  I would encourage you to follow them as they come out.

On Disagreeing Well – You may remember the dust-up in the blogosphere last spring between Doug Wilson and Thabiti Anyabwile.  (If you don’t, boy do you have some reading to do!)  Almost a year later, John Piper responds to questions about what we can take away from their conversation.  He argues it was a great testimony to how Christians should disagree with one another.

Russell Brand, Mel Gibson, and Jesus – Both Doug Wilson and Tim Challies write about their feelings about the upcoming Son of God film set to premiere in less than two weeks.  Doug quips,

“[W]e should be able to tell that a Jesus movie had been really successful in portraying the Lord if half the crowds in the theaters wanted to crucify Him — and not for being such a milksop either, but rather because He was a dangerous firebrand. A really good Jesus movie would have a bipartisan bill denouncing it — called Save the American Dream Act — passing both houses of Congress handily in a rush to get it to the president’s desk.”

Snakebitten by Bad Hermeneutics – In case you hadn’t heard, Jamie Coots, a snake-handling pastor with a National Geographic television show, died Saturday (Feb. 15) from a fatal snake bite.  The same thing happened about 2 years ago in southern West Virginia.  Despite it’s recent decline, some from the younger generation are finding their place in these churches.  My friends over at West Virginia For the Gospel write honestly about the faulty hermeneutics of this movement.

“There is not a single square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who alone is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!'” – Abraham Kuyper


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