Wednesday’s Internet Grab Bag – February 12th

Here are a few articles, videos, and websites I found interesting during my galavanting across the expanse of the internet.  If you like some, share them with others.  Enjoy!

Nuns Topping the Charts – An order of cloistered nuns from St. Louis, Missouri known as The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles are repeatedly climbing and topping music charts.  Their album Lent at Ephesus released yesterday.

The Story That Writes Itself – Over at the Gospel Coalition, Kevin DeYoung writes briefly, yet poignantly, about the cultural double standards taken by the tolerance and diversity police.

“There is no conversation any longer, just condescension. No acceptance of diverse viewpoints, just personal obliteration for anyone who dares to question Oceania’s Ministry of Truth. The talking heads and the purveyor’s of cultural correctness don’t feel the need to make arguments anymore. They don’t feel the need to listen either. After all, who can refute a sneer?”

LDS Video Encyclopedia – A great catch-all resource for Christians who are interested in or intrigued by the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS; Mormon).  They have a great number of videos going in depth about the history and teachings of the church.

Living Out – WOW! A fantastic Gospel-centered resource for those who experience same-sex attraction, their family members, their churches, and their pastors.  Check out the video testimonials of men who struggle with same-sex attraction and how the Gospel has impacted their identity.  One of the gentlemen is Sam Allberry, author of the equally fantastic book Is God Anti-Gay?

“If God has given His Son to die for us, let us beware of doubting His kindness and love in any painful providence of our daily life.”  – J.C. Ryle

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